Séminaire EHDLM : Sarah Dunstan, “Présence africaine: Black configurations of citizenship in Bandung Era Paris”

Séminaire EHDLM

« Ecrire l’histoire depuis les marges/ Writing History from the Margins : The Case of African-Americans »

Mardi 9 février 2016


Salle 16

Institut du Monde Anglophone, Paris 3, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, 5 rue de L’Ecole de Médecine, 75006 Paris

Sarah Dunstan (université de Sydney), présentera une communication intitulée :

“Présence africaine: Black configurations of citizenship in Bandung Era Paris”

Covering the period suffused by the so-called ‘spirit of Bandung’, this paper begins in the Paris of 1956 with the organisation of the first Congress of negro writers and artists by the French publishing house Présence africaine. The Congress attracted leading African American intellectuals such as Horace Mann Bond, John Davis and Richard Wright and laid the foundations for a significant relationship between African American activist communities and Francophone black communities in Paris. An important cornerstone of this relationship was the formation of two key associations, the Sociéte africaine de culture (SAC) and the American Society for African Culture (AMSAC). In tandem and, at times in tension, AMSAC and SAC engaged with UNESCO and the United Nations to combat discrimination and to develop understandings of African culture. The focus of this paper will be the formation of these significant relationships in the period from 1955 through 1957.